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Wonder Moments and the joy of others seeing

Author: Jo Cone   |   Date: 23rd May 2023

The last few weeks I have been inviting children to explore and find wonderful ways of moving to a series of words and ideas they have shared on a topic. The ‘One minute wonders’ have explored the vastness of space and the varied weathers of our land. Allowing water to pour, rockets to zoom and butterflies to catch raindrops on their wings. But wonderful moments have been happening in all areas of Doodle. A big wonder has been developing the artistry of Catherine our new Doodle Dancer and one of the wonders that has come from this is her ability to capture and share through writing not one minute of wonder but a whole lesson, and truly look and see Doodle Dance. For me as a often solo artist this has been insightful and a joy, but has also given me further focus to protect childhood, recognising the need for joy, play, creativity and rest for the children of our world.

Over the next few weeks I will share Catherine’s insights with the hope this will spur those reading to find wonderful moments, and ways that we can keep creating opportunities for our children to share in this

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