Primary Schools

Doodle Dance believes in creativity being at the heart of the curriculum. We want to support children to learn through their imagination, to get moving and have opportunity to express their own ideas, through the power of narrative and the arts! We also believe in supporting the trusted adults who support children in their world… TEACHERS, PARENTS and CARERS! To do this, Doodle Dance provides workshops, projects and resources that enable children to make their mark throughout their primary education…

Supporting Teachers

We know primary teachers have the challenge of delivering a wide curriculum which must take into account children’s development and more than ever, their wellbeing. Unlike other traditional sports in PE, creative dance works often with improvisation, allowing it to be easily adapted to meet changing restrictions. However. dance has the power to be useful for the body and mind allowing exercise and relaxation, expression and interaction.

As parents, we are also experiencing the increased need for us to support our children’s education, working with their teachers. At Doodle Dance we recognise the increase in the parents’ load and aim to support this.


Making a Move
Making a Move is an easy to use collection of 30 dance lessons for primary aged children to continue to develop their dance skills and well-being. Each idea still enables the children to work creatively and collaboratively whilst maintaining distance. The resource is downloadable and printable for immediate use.

In House Delivery (this will be available when guidance allows)

On your Marks for a changed world!

Originally offered as a 6-12 week programme as ‘On your Marks!’ for children in Year R to develop confidence and skill in mark making.

The programme starts with developing fine and gross motor strength and control, grip and directional movements.

Maintaining these components it introduces key concepts of writing such as ‘Starting at the top’, and left to right tracking.

It develops the child’s understanding of how their movement can support in their writing and drawing development, encouraging each child to develop at their appropriate level.

Not to disappoint, and to support teachers with high quality delivery and resources we have adapted the way we are delivering this to support changing restrictions but still offer a full spectrum of activity which is supportive to the child, teacher and now parent with our @home activities which can be set as home learning or used at additional times in the school week.

Elements of activity which are essential for healthy development which can no longer be delivered in PE are delivered back in the classroom with linked mark making activities and the @home ideas. These easily resourced activities give the parent insight into the development of the child as well as bringing some playful fun for all the family!

Supporting Parents

As parents ourselves we understand the frustration of spending time, effort and money on ‘exciting activities’ for them to be ignored and then the empty box they came in, played with for hours!

Therefore we have created Dots which are easy, low cost, low resource, low set up time ‘invitations to play’ which invite your child to be curious and discover their own response, either independently or with you alongside them….

Doodle Dots (launching September 2020)

These ‘invitations to play’ are easy to set up objects, materials or spaces that allow parents to have a cuppa, or join their child in their natural curiosity, explored through play, movement or art. Each month Doodle Dance is sharing creative activities, LIVES and pre-recorded videos around a theme or focus to support your child to develop their expressive voice and understanding of the world. (Please note the content is aimed at children from 1-6 years,  however older children may also find enjoyment with younger siblings or through their own creativity. Please read disclaimer information found in our policies page).

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Whether you are a parent/carer, teacher, Nursery Manager or dance artist we would love to hear from you. We are always interested to discuss bespoke delivery, CPD, blog contributions, arts/children well being campaign support or project collaborations and commissions. Together lets support more children to ‘Make Their Mark!’

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