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The Whispering Woods

Jo Cone and Louise Jaggard of Doodle Dance are putting in a funding bid to the National Forest Arts Grants funding scheme and we are asking for YOUR SUPPORT to make this possible!!

The Whispering Woods 

Jo Cone and Louise Jaggard of Doodle Dance are putting in a funding bid to the National Forest Arts Grants funding scheme and we are asking for YOUR SUPPORT to make this possible!! The deadline is 15th December.

The fund will allow us to design and deliver a dance/movement workshop for primary school children in two schools in Leicester, a family workshop and a teaching resource which supports environmental education and literacy inspired by The National Forest.

To have a greater chance of success we need to crowd fund £400. To do this we are asking teachers and artists who would benefit from the resource in their teaching to make an upfront pledge to buy the resource which we will create.

There will be no upfront payment however we ask those who would be willing to purchase the resource (and enable the project) to complete the linked pledge.

The pledge outlines the support to purchase the resource at a suggested ‘donation’ of £4

If successful in receiving funding we will then design the resource with you in mind. And all pledgers will be contacted to arrange payment and receive a copy. It will be available to others also, however the more pledges we have before the more chance with have in creating a successful application.

The purpose of the resource is to share the learning from the project and to support more children world wide to understand the importance of the national forest (and all other forests) developing a desire to protect them. It will support teachers to deliver PE lessons which are cross curriculum and could be put towards actions in your school eco award scheme.

With Creative Dance and Forest School being part of PE now you can use you PE premium funding to fund your purchase!

The resource will also be relevant for Artists working in community early years, family and children.

The Whispering Woods Artist/teacher resource will include:

A short introduction to the project with a thank you to supporters as the project would not be possible without your match funding support!

A lesson plan for the delivered workshop

Suggested music, adaptations and guidance

Follow up ideas that would allow you to develop the workshop into a series

A selection of written ‘whispers’ from Jo and Louise’s Artistic Exploration of The National Forest.

Whispers are a written expression giving insight into the awe, wonder, beauty, and sensory experience of the national forest. They will be written to be supportive in developing movement/dance and writing responses.

A link to further info about the National Forest so you could link it into further curriculum

A evaluation form allowing you to see the impact of the workshop.

As Dance Artist who are passionate about using dance to create a better world for our children we would really appreciate the support as we know pledges will show that we also have a direct audience of other teachers who can spread the message wide and far. Not only can you benefit but you can also benefit the planet.

We appreciate you time to read and ask those of you who are willing to pledge follow the link.


Much thanks

Jo and Lou


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