Making a Move Book

Making a Move is an easy to use collection of 30 dance lessons for primary aged children to continue to develop their dance skills and well-being. Each idea still enables the children to work creatively and collaboratively whilst maintaining distance. The resource is downloadable and printable for immediate use.

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Traditionally PE lessons regularly involve equipment – bean bags, hoops, balls and so much more. Luckily much of it can be easily cleaned so they are not totally off limits, but this is going to be quite a headache at the start and finish of every lesson. To support a child’s health, many schools are likely to be looking towards activities that require little or no resources. The answer is DANCE.

Dance just needs an empty space and (usually) access to music.

Making A Move has been written with the current Covid 19 guidance in mind. The 30 creative ideas are aimed at key stage 1 & 2 and they allow the children to respond imaginatively to movement ideas without the use of physical contact.

Each printable plan is in an easy step by step structure where the teacher simply asks questions to enable the children to generate movement ideas. The skills of each section are identified to aid assessment and progression, as is a suggestion of suitable music – just hover your cursor over it for an embedded hyperlink.

The lessons are ‘stand-alone’, yet they include ideas for differentiation that could be used to develop the work over several sessions.

If schools feel that they would benefit from further support the authors, Jo, Louise or Claire, would be happy to deliver CPD either by a visit to your school or through platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

Dance lessons enable children to…

  • Respond creatively & expressively to ideas
  • Work collaboratively without contact
  • Problem solve and increase confidence
  • Experience dance and movement linked to the National Curriculum
  • Learn in an active and engaging way
  • Engage, regardless of different ages, levels of experience or physical ability

The downloadable book is priced at £20.

 Claire, Jo and Louise

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