Dancing and Doodling is becoming a bit of a Commotion!!

26th August 2022

Its all starting to feel as if the dots I have been scribbling away at for the last few years are starting to connect to create a brilliant, vibrant and creative picture of hope and action!

3 years ago I had a very clear plan for Doodle Dance with the success of our Arts Council England Fund to build a local team of freelancers so the work I had started to sustain in our local schools and community could grow through myself training other artists, not only freeing me up from the delivery to create new work but also to develop legacy and development in the workforce of Dance which I feel so passionate about.

It is clear to see when visiting schools that the pandemic has created a even bigger need to support children in their expressive languages and well being, and to support teachers in their ever growing workload and well being whilst reminding them of why they became teachers. So for this I have returned to my need of a local team.

This is not an easy task and I have known for sometime that I could not do this alone. I have been lucky in this last few years that when the concrete plans flew into the air I entered the online world of connection. In doing so I met Louise Jaggard of Jumpstart (Leicester) and together after writing ‘Making a Move’ we have developed a strong working and personal relationship. Her connection and recent training and development sessions in June means this autumn Doodle Dance ‘On Your Marks’ launches into schools in Leicester with support of the Leicester Sports Partnership. Its a really exciting time for the growth of Doodle Dance but it has also given me a confidence in my work, allowing me to return to the original plan of building a local team in West Sussex and Hampshire, and having faith that the work is of quality that can be shared.

So how to do this?

Vicky of Commotion Dance and I have known each other for near 18yrs and in that time we have been on courses together, in meetings, worked on projects and always dreamed of going into partnership in a more robust way. Becoming mothers, full time jobs and the juggle of life has always meant we have had to throw this away for another time….

But circumstances change with time and it is these changes that lead us back to each other. Pencils, notebooks and picnic blankets have led us to a series of ‘under the shade of the tree’ meetings to dream, vision and plan out Doodle Dance and Commotion Dance joining forces!!

We both recognise because of MOTHERHOOD we can not take our work on individually full time but together we can have a fulltime mission with a process that protects the time with our own children. We can support, share and build together, each with our own identity but side by side, and stronger.

We do not fully know how and what shape this will take and this is our ongoing dialogue and curiosity but we are both passionate about PROTECTING CHIDHOOD, bringing JOY through dance, movement and the arts to children and families and INVESTING IN THE ARTS which we so both passionately believe in.

We have plans and actions and we are excited to announce our PLAYTIME event in October to share our work with Artists working in the South and Doodle Dance will be sharing news on inhouse placement and training as part of our recruitment for our local team.

This news is one of gratitude for Louise for believing in the work of Doodle Dance and of hope for the near and far future, together with Vicky. I am looking forward to making a whole lot of DOODLE DANCING COMMOTION and together us supporting more children to ‘Make Their Mark!’

(For more info on our PLAYTIME in October head over to Get Involved)


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