Pollination, Playtime 2023

Playtime 2023 ‘Pollination’

Monday 9th October, Southbourne, West Sussex.


Sustaining ourself, sustaining others, sustaining the planet through creative dance.

Doodle Dance offers a day of curiosity led dance development, discussion and disruption to celebrate and continue from their ACE project ‘leading to a curious world’.The day invites artist to get to know Doodle Dance better with opportunities to join the team as well as developing their own practice though creative inquiry, artist support session and to consider their self as Artists as Activists.

18th September 2023

A day to share in the joy of celebrating our achievements so far in ‘leading to a curious world’ ACE funded project whilst reaching out to other dance/movement artists who maybe interested in getting involved with Doodles work!

Doodle works in 3 key areas (Primary School delivery, Artists Support and Sustainable Action for children and their communities) and therefore wants to offer a Playtime that shares insights, CPD, support and discussion around these, meeting the needs of attendees, connecting to freelancers and collaborators for new work as well as creating a platform for future networking and Artist support events.

The day is aimed at south coast dance/movement artists however we are happy for artists out of this area to attend, benefiting from the CPD and discussion. The event is open to artists at all stages of their career: new graduates, merging artists, artists making a career shift or established artists.

The day is part funded so we can offer a teered fee (£7, £10, £15) enabling it to be accessible for all. We do ask you value the investment of the day and pay what you can.

Event Information:


When: Monday October 9th 2023

Where: St Johns Church, Southbourne, West Sussex. PO10 8LB.

Organiser Contact for day: Jo 0794 7374222


Starts 9.45 Welcome

10.15-10.45 Introductions

10.45- 11.15 Doodle Dances approach

11.15-11.30 Break and Shifting focus

11.30- 12.15Sustaining ourself’ Artist Support Session

12.15- 12.45pm lunch (again please note the event is a nut free space)

Play inquiry sessions

12.45-1.30pm Bee keeper Quest

1.30-2.15pm Exploring writing within dance practice led by Catherine

2.15-2.30 Break and Shifting focus

2.30- 3.15 Make your mark and erase

3.15-3.30/45 Invitation of connection and thanks



To book and receive the full timetable of the day email Jo Cone @ doodledancejo@gmail.com with payment no later than 5th October.

Pollination will be a very worthwhile day for those attending but it will be make a bigger impact if we can have a good sized group to share. play and discuss with. To support the event please share the event in your socials or with dance artists you think maybe interested.


Do not hesitate to ask questions before and we really look forward to seeing you on the 9th October!


Jo and Catherine

Doodle Dance



Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Whether you are a parent/carer, teacher, Nursery Manager or dance artist we would love to hear from you. We are always interested to discuss bespoke delivery, CPD, blog contributions, arts/children well being campaign support or project collaborations and commissions. Together lets support more children to ‘Make Their Mark!’

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