Artist Development

Doodle Dance has allowed artists to come together. Jo Cone, founder of Doodle Dance, recognises the breadth of work that an independent artist has to do to maintain and nurture a career in the arts. Therefore she wanted each piece of work to not only benefit the participants but have the potential to support other artists and in turn reach more children.

Model of Practice and Research

Doodle Dance’s work is shared through a dissemination model. This allows each piece of work created for participation to have a wider impact. Through reflective practice and evaluation activity, insight and CPD is shared. Creative activity designed within projects is shared in smaller pieces within the local community. Findings of research and practice within projects and delivery are shared to artists in the FUEL COLLLECTIVE and to members of the Primary Dance Network.

Doodle Dances most recent research has been on the theme of mindset, trauma support and anxiety support. This research has been the basis for new work Dancing in the Rain which has been piloted in 3 schools. The summer term is looking over ideas, and evaluation to plan the next stage of the project. Doodle Dance is aiming to apply for funding (2023) to further research, to create robust evaluation, artist training and resources to accompany the project in collaboration with Well Within Reach, as well as delivery by Associate Artists across the country.

The long term aim is to create a theatre piece Dancing in the Rain which will accompany the education work.


“Each piece of work has a number of connection points to our audiences. Through research, reflection and evaluation we want to take the most useful elements of the work and create a way of sharing this to increase Doodle Dance’s impact. This has led to the creation of our Fuel Collective,  becoming co administrator for The Primary Dance Network  and our Resources which are currently focused towards: The Artist Support Series  as well the collaborative book Making a Move with artists Louise Jaggard and Claire Pring. Doodle Dance strongly believes in the work of artists to support children and their caregivers in their learning and well being. Through sharing and supporting each other we can support the arts industry we truly believe in!”

Fuel Collective

FUEL COLLECTIVE is a Doodle Dance initiative that has invited 8 Independent Dance and Movement Artists who work with children within educational settings and the wider community. FUEL recognises the importance of the well being for the artist and the work/life balance needed.

FUEL has welcomed like-minded artists who promote well being, learning and individual development of participants through creative dance. Our artists have varying experience, and accreditation but are all recognised as equals. FUEL creates opportunity for a meeting of creative minds and disciplines, enabling the cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches.

As well as supporting each other, FUEL commits to Doodle Dance’s dissemination model, meaning that useful and supportive discoveries will be shared with artists from the wider Community Arts field. Doodle Dance hopes that FUEL will support artists to feel less isolated, providing support, stimulus and engaging discussions for fuelling imaginations.

Artist Support Sessions

Jo has been leading Artist support sessions one to one with a small cohort of artists to mentor and support online. These sessions are currently paused as Doodle Dance delivers new work. Doodle Dance Jo is available for mentoring and consultation on a negotiated fee and this can be designed within Artists own funding bids.

Primary Dance Network

Originally set up by Louise Jaggard of Jumpstart Dance Doodle Dance has joined the admin team alongside Claire Pring to make most use of the ACE funding. Doodle has been devising an engagement and support plan which aims to listen to the needs of the group and respond accordingly. It is currently offering weekly Making a Move networking prompts, well being info and support and music suggestion and playlist creation all with the aim of supporting the various members. In the new year we will be offering online free CPD events through further funding and hope to invite members from the UK and abroad.


Making a Move
Making a Move is an easy to use collection of 30 dance lessons for primary aged children to continue to develop their dance skills and well-being. Each idea still enables the children to work creatively and collaboratively whilst maintaining distance. The resource is downloadable and printable for immediate use.

(More resources to be added soon)

Artist Training

Clare Roberts, our Doodle Dance Trainee Artist, has recently joined the team. Her training is being supported by our ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND funding. Jo and Claire meet regularly to explore artform, theory and to develop new collaborative programmes.

As we move forward, Jo hopes to develop more training opportunities, growing her team of freelancers as well as collaborating with FUEL artists.

“Jo has been an encouraging influence on my practice for many years since having attended some of her training courses and having had the pleasure of working alongside her for a project called ‘Dance Bites’. Sharing her knowledge, creativity and infectious ethos towards dance has supported me greatly.”

“Claire has discovered a desire to learn new skills in this area and has engaged in Doodle Dance’s journey throughout. As an independent artist, I am really looking forward to devising collaborative ideas, meaning I will be learning and developing through the Doodle Dance training process too!” Artistic Director, Jo Cone’s thoughts on Claire joining the team.

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