Doodle Dance believes in the power of a child’s imagination, the importance of using our body, the natural curiosity of props, objects and senses, and the power of narrative to support a child’s learning. We work closely with the Early Years curriculum and child development, as well as research in childhood well-being. Our current provision is to support nursery staff and parents to provide for the children, whilst our face to face delivery is on hold.

“Delivering at Loveders Nursery has allowed me to find a gentle structure that works with the breadth of children. We have found an approach that is right for each group, with the younger 2-3 year olds exploring props and sensory activities as well as exploring copy and lead.

The middle group finding movements around the improvisation of the circle, mark making, pattern and imaginary worlds which children bring when stimulated by a prop. This has led us spontaneously to the seaside, on a train, as well as to Christmas tree decorating in the middle of spring!

The older groups showed an interest in rough and tumble, allowing cushion, sponges and rolling to be explored. Moving as a confident dancer means the children feel confident in their own dance, and this has evolved into the children dancing as a group and one to one, turn taking and observing the other children! The developmental offerings each child gives is a gift for my artistry and support repeated activities to blossom as well as giving me ideas for the next weeks sessions.”

Artistic Director, Jo Cone, discussing her weekly sessions at a local nursery

 Our previous provision is on hold and we will be adapting our offers to meet the needs of staff, children and parents. In the meantime we are…

Supporting Staff with Creative Ideas

We want to give nurseries an insight to our approach and support you with easy to use ideas in your setting. Doodle Dance’s adaptive and informed approach takes schema play, in the moment planning and provocation combined with creative dance, music, play and art to connect with the child, group, staff and artistry.

Doodle will be posting ideas via social media whilst projects are in progress.

Everyone’s invited: Doodle Dots 

‘Invitations to play’ are easy to set up objects, materials or spaces that allow nursery staff  to make observations and plan next steps or join the child in their natural curiosity, explored through play, movement or art.

Doodle is excited to be working on exploring new ways of ‘inviting children to move’ without live face to face delivery. Jo is in the process of inviting 10 nurseries (or alternative settings) to receive an ‘invitation’ and through a process of sharing children’s response and staff feedback Jo hopes to create an ‘Everyone’s Invited’ pack which nurseries will be able to purchase for a small price enabling the work to be sustainable.

The first invitation is going to be exploring the ‘loose part’ lids which Jo has used many times in her practice. She is exploring ideas using film and stop frame animation with the hope to make a short film which nurseries will receive along with a ‘prompt’ sheet, safety guidance and a ‘Sharing’ form which will allow a dialogue between participants, staff and Doodle Dance.

The hope is through a process of listening to the needs of children, staff and settings other ‘invitations’ can be created. The project will run through spring/summer with the hope of the final ‘pack’ being available for all summer 2021.

To stay connected to the process of ‘Everyone’s invited follow us on social media, liking and following us on Facebook. Alternatively if you are interested in getting involved get in touch through our contact page and we can sign you up to our mailout to be launched in the new year.

“I have observed children really ‘come out of their shell’ during Doodle Dance sessions which has been great for developing their self-confidence and awareness skills. I have also witnessed Doodle Dance support children’s well-being and regulate their emotions; having the freedom to explore and having the sessions adapted around the children’s interests has a positive impact on their development and behaviour.”
Georgia, Nursery Staff, Loveders Nursery

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Whether you are a parent/carer, teacher, Nursery Manager or dance artist we would love to hear from you. We are always interested to discuss bespoke delivery, CPD, blog contributions, arts/children well being campaign support or project collaborations and commissions. Together lets support more children to ‘Make Their Mark!’

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