Sustainable Action for children and their communities

We are creating projects, engaging conversation and action towards developing a more sustainable world. Starting with human connection we want to support well being of children and their communities. Supporting parents, carers, teachers and the artists working with children to create a world for our children which is inclusive, safe and creative. We want to protect and promote joy, creativity and a kinder world. We look to provide opportunity in and out of tradition education settings, provide inclusive and accessible work, and share big and small actions you can take to support this.

Our recent ACE funding bid was to look at sustainability and this in amongst a pandemic and life has led to run Doodle Dance in a way that is not about growth but about clarity, creativity and cause.

Doodle is focusing towards protecting 4 areas of childhood: PLAY, CREATIVITY, JOY and REST.

This has meant we have decided for the meantime to currently pause its regular ‘community’ sessions and focus community outreach within its projects.

This is allowing Doodle Dance to maintain the quality of work whilst supporting artists in their needs of sustaining well being, income and their artistic practice.

Shoreham Doodle Dance Festival ‘Headlines of Hope’ is in the beginning stages of planning and we are happy to announce that ‘The Happy News’ is supporting the project with resources of their paper.  We are looking to recruit primary school groups and be exploring Solutions as a starting point of change to support in reducing eco anxiety and also mindset.

If you are a teacher working in Primary Schools in the Adur area then do get in touch for more information.

The Bee Keepers Quest is a new project which we are looking to build partners with over the next year and research with our current ACE funding, allowing us to build a funding bid for R and D for a live outdoors performance and accompanying workshops for children and families, and primary schools.

If you are interested in Saving the Bees, supporting Live Performance for families or primary schools then do get in touch with offers of support

New Sustainable Education resource for teachers/dance Artists to be launched end of 2023

Jo and Louise Jaggard are partnering up again to write their second resource together exploring what skills we need to protect our planet and then solution led ways we can support our school, seas and forests. More news will be shared as the resource progresses!

Signposting and sharing the incredible organisations who are inspiring our journey. Please note these links and resources are not our work but they contribute to our mission, give evidence of why we do what we do, or help you to take action in protecting childhood: JOY, CREATIVITY, PLAY and REST as well as sustainable action

More than a score is a much needed organisation supporting policy change in a child’s education, taking the emphasis on ‘testing’ children, especially young children in education.Home – More Than a Score




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Whether you are a parent/carer, teacher, Nursery Manager or dance artist we would love to hear from you. We are always interested to discuss bespoke delivery, CPD, blog contributions, arts/children well being campaign support or project collaborations and commissions. Together lets support more children to ‘Make Their Mark!’

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