We encourage children and their adults to ask questions and be curious of their world. Creativity is found when we ask questions. We find new ways of doing things, new discoveries, new answers. Questioning our practice is important. Asking for insight and feedback from our teachers, parents, carers and children that we work with enables us to adapt and shift our practice to meet needs. The dialogue is two way and we welcome children and the adults to play a part, encouraging them to support us with ideas, information, skill and resources. Together we can create, together we Make our Mark as a community.

"Faye was not only extremely professional, but very creative and really wanted to capture my vision. She was thoughtful and considerate and she showed confidence in what she does. She knows how to engage children well and the fact that we shared similar values in what we wanted to achieve in the sessions helped massively. I will definitely consider working with Faye again!"

Hannah Duche Ruilova, Children’s worker

"It has been exciting to work alongside Jo to share expertise and values in wholistic early years teaching and learning. It has given me creative ideas to use inexpensive and readily available resources in an imaginative way to better support the physical and emotional development of our children."

Deb Hockley Reception Teacher, On Your Marks!

"We are thrilled to work with such a brilliant practitioner. Jo is totally in tune with our children’s needs and plans a wide variety of fun and interactive activities to move their skills on. We have seen the benefits from her weekly sessions and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

Teacher Compton Upmarden

"I have observed children really ‘come out of their shell’ during Doodle Dance sessions which has been great for developing their self-confidence and awareness skills. I have also witnessed Doodle Dance support children’s well-being and regulate their emotions; having the freedom to explore and having the sessions adapted around the children’s interests has a positive impact on their development and behaviour."

Georgia, Nursery Staff, Loveders Nursery

"Fully recommend Faye. She's a wonderful encouraging teacher who has a wonderful caring nature with children. She brings them out of themselves and inspires creativity through dance!"

Mrs Duncanson, School parent, Bournemouth

"We have loved having Doodle Dance at school and we can really see the progress of the children across all areas of their development: in particular their listening and attention, their gross and fine motor skills, and of course their pencil control. Moreover, it has been an overwhelmingly fun and positive enhancement to our curriculum, which fits in perfectly with our school ethos of engaging children in active learning through play. We’ve been recommending it to everyone!"

Southbourne Infant teachers

"The children are always excited on a Tuesday as it’s Doodle Dance day, and always intrigued to find out what’s in the box! Mark making in a non-threatening, engaging, creative environment is a positive start to early writing, and the children have been able to apply skills such as “Sharky fingers” to their mark-making in class and at home. It has been incredibly useful to talk to professionals who are expert in early physical development, and to be able to use their advice in our own practice…"

Southbourne Infants School

“Doodle Dance is an approach which supports physical and emotional skills based in sound early childhood development. It is clearly sequenced and build sequentially on the small steps and foundation blocks for later skills in the wider curriculum as well as specifically in reading, writing and maths. It is engaging and fun and fully inclusive for all children at all levels. It has also included valuable professional dialogue based on where the children are and potential next steps which we have been able to incorporate into our universal provision back in and out of the classroom."

Deb Hockley, Reception Teacher, On Your Marks!

"The best result as a teacher is to have such an expert and specialist teacher to deliver such high quality lessons which I would not have the expertise to do."

Teacher, Compton Upmarden

"I have been particularly impressed with the focus on key vocabulary and the wide range of resources used to fully embed the understanding of new words in a range of contexts. The children are motivated to join in because of the clear routine of the sessions as well as the flexibility to build in themes based on the children interests. I have seen individuals develop coordination, balance, core strength as well as creative thinking skills and imagination."

Deb Hockley, Reception Teacher, On Your Marks!

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